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Slo-Bowl Mini Flower (Mulberry) PetSafe® Treat Pouch Sport
The Slo-Bowl™ is a natural, healthy, and playful solution for dogs that gobble their kibble too quickly. It's no secret: every pup loves, loves, loves treats. When you're out for a walk or a training session at the dog park, keep plenty of motivation right by your side with the PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport.
Tail Teasers Remote Collar Strap 3/4" width
3/4" Remote Collar Strap
An Innovative one piece design comprised of a flexible rod encased in a woven nylon cord. The joint is reinforced by a durable rubber collar. These are snap collars that can be used on remote collars. You can use these straps on Dogtra Low to Medium powered collars. Garmin's Delta and Bark-limiter.
Small - Medium Just Right! DVD 2-Disk Set
Small to Medium Dog Cot With Just Right! the skills learned from this DVD will help your dog learn basic obedience using a remote collar. Get both disks for a savings of $5.00.

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Lupine Leashes, leashes

Lupine Leash
3/4" Padded Handle Lead -
The top rated feature by consumers, our padded handle is comfortable in the hand, even with hard pullers. Features convenient gate-style snap. Available in 4' and 6' lengths.

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