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Pet Odor Exterminator - Candle Remote Collar Strap 3/4" width
Candle 3/4" Remote Collar Strap
TAKE CONTROL OF ODOR WITH SPECIALTY PET PRODUCTS Specialty Pet Products features our world famous odor exterminator candles that attack and eliminate pet odor using our amazing enzyme based formula. Their products are used in thousands of veterinarian offices, pet stores and millions of homes around the world, providing customers with an enjoyable solution to pet odor concerns. These are snap collars that can be used on remote collars. You can use these straps on Dogtra Low to Medium powered collars. Garmin's Delta and Bark-limiter.
Kong Wobbler Dogtra iQ Plus
KONG Wobbler
The KONG Wobbler is a KONG- shaped food dispensing toy and feeder that provides a new way to entertain and challenge your dog.

Dental Dinosaurs Just Right! DVD -A Step-By-Step Guide to Remote Collar Dog Training 2-Disk Set
Designed for powerful chewers. Gently rounded dental nubs and bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth plus control plaque & tartar build-up. Suitable for dogs up to 50lbs.

   * Brontosaurus (pictured)
   * Stegosaurus
   * T-Rex
With Just Right! the skills learned from this DVD will help your dog learn basic obedience using a remote collar. Get both disks for a savings of $5.00.

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Retrieve Workshop

You save $50.00!

Teach your dog a precise trained retrieve. Open to professional trainers and dog owners alike. If you have a field dog who needs improvement with retrieving, have a bored dog who needs a real job or just want to learn something new and exciting with your dog, this workshop is for you. Limited working slots available, sign up soon! Audit positions also offered.

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